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Sportsheets Sports Cuff & Tethers Kit

SKU: SS44001

UPC: 4670944001

Key Features:

  • Compatible With Any Furniture
  • Heavy Duty Tethers
  • Fully Adjustable Cuffs
  • Versatile
  • 48” Length Tethers
  • Nickel-Free Metal
  • Made With Polypropylene Webbing and Neoprene
  • Machine Washable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



  • Tether Length: 48 in.



Why limit your play to only the bedroom? Get wild in every room and on every surface with the Sportsheets Sports Cuffs & Tethers Kit. The black cuffs are soft and feel luxurious against your skin while the tethers are sturdy so you can be securely restrained without compromising on comfort.

The only restraints in your play should be these tethers and cuffs. With up to 48 inches of length on each tether, they’re compatible with any piece of furniture and can be used on either your wrists or your ankles. The possibilities are endless, no matter where you are, or how you’re restrained. All you need to do is wrap the tether around almost anything and hook the cuffs to the tethers.

No matter your skill level, enjoy your deepest and most creative bondage fantasies. Made with nickel-free metal, polypropylene webbing and neoprene, this tethers and cuff kit will have you enjoying a versatile bondage experience every time. They’re easy to clean, just remember to machine wash before and after use.



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