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Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Sling – Red/Black

SKU: SS48007

UPC: 646709480073

The saffron thigh sling from Sportsheets brings comfort and restraint together for a pleasurable experience like never before!

The padded straps slip around your feet or thighs, leaving your arms free, while the neck pillow rests behind your head.

The neck pillow features 2 rings on either side, allowing you to pair with your favourite restraints, transforming this product into a full restraint system.

Comfort and support means deeper and more effective penetration!

Key Features:

- Saffron thigh sling

- Provides deeper/more effective penetration

- 2 padded straps for feet/thighs

- Neck pillow

- Neck pillow hoops for attaching restraints

- Doubles as full restraint system

- Vegan

- Nickel free


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