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Little Genie

Little Genie Pin The Pistol On The Cowboy Game

SKU: 601165

UPC: 685634101592

"Being a cowboy is a hard life, so make sure these hard working studs are equipped to do all their chores. Yee-haw! Your posse will make sure these cowpokes are packing and ready to ride all day!"

This simple to pick up and play game is basically an adult Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except this time it's with the sexy cowboys of your dreams! The object of the game is to deck out a cowboy with what he'll need to be able to ride all day and all night long. To play, simply blindfold each player, spin them around 3 times, and point them in the direction of the cowboy picture. The pistol or bullet that's placed closest to his package wins. Each player should pick the weapon which best suits their personality or pleasure. The winner of the game gets to take home the sexy cowboy.

Game Includes:
• 10 pistol stickers
• 2 bullet stickers
• XXL Double-Sided poster of 2 sexy cowboys to choose from

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