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Oxballs Heavy Squeeze - Ballstretcher - Black

SKU: OX-3057-BLK

UPC: 840215120922

Key Features:

- Heavy Squeeze ball-stretcher

- 3 included stainless steel weights 2 oz. each)

- Customizable for the perfect heavy tug! 

Things are about to get heavy!

This shockingly superior ball-stretcher from Oxballs comes equipped with the squeeze you’re looking for, plus three added weights for a perfect and customizable heavy tug on your boys. Use 1, 2 or all 3 in any setting or position.

Each weight fits snugly inside its own designated soft pocket, which sits beside your sack, not underneath! The last thing you’ll have to worry about is whether or not you’ll get smacked with a rouge hanging weight waiting to fall off to get banged around.



Total product Height: 2"/51 mm

Total product Width: 3”/77 mm

Total product Length: 2.75”/70 mm

Inside ballring circumference (widest): 4”/102mm                                         

Inside ballring diameter (widest): 1.25”/32mm

Inside ballring circumference (narrowest): 3.25”/83mm                                             

Inside ballring diameter (narrowest): .9”/23mm

Weight (ballstretcher only): 2.9 ounces/.08 kilograms



Height: .5”/13mm

Width: .5”/13mm

Length: 1”/26mm

Circumference: 1.5”/39mm

Diameter: .5”/13mm

Weight (individual weight): 1 ounce/.03 kilograms (x3 = 3oz.)




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