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Kheper Games

Kheper Games - Extreme Personal Questions For Stoners Adult Party Game

SKU: KG110959

UPC: 825156110959

Key Features:

  • Adult Party Game
  • 200 Question Cards
  • 400 questions
  • Pothead Humour
  • Easy-to-Follow Rules
  • 4-20+ Players



  • Length: 6.75 in.
  • Width: 4.5 in.



Explore the party game that breaks all your boundaries with Extreme Personal Questions For Stoners!

The classic ice-breaker party game has already gotten the “Extreme” treatment, but now that boundary-busting version gets a green twist!  With 400 questions full of almost-too-personal questions that have a unique and hilarious pothead-humour twist, this game will have you discovering things about friends and strangers that they can never take back!

This personal game of questions is super easy to play.  Gather everyone around and begin with one person drawing a card asking one of the questions on it.  Everyone takes a turn to share, or overshare,  their answer and then the group collectively votes on the best one.  That player collects the card and the first player to 5 cards wins the game! 

But don’t let the fun stop when the game ends! These questions will surely provoke wacky, wild, and whimsical conversations so use them as the spark to ignite the evening!

What you learn about your friends might scare you!


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