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Kheper Games

Kheper Games – Drunk Asshole Says - Drinking Card Game

SKU: KG111017

UPC: 825156111017

Key Features:

  • Hilarious Drinking Card Game
  • 52 Game Cards
  • Full of Contests, Rules, and Games
  • Includes “Invent Your Own” Blank Cards
  • Includes Game Rules
  • Hours of Fun!
  • 3-10 Players



When the party is getting thirsty for a little fun, it’s time to listen to what the Drunk Asshole Says…

This 52-card deck is full of contests, rules, and games to get the party going from fun to outrageous!  Compete in contests, bust other players for breaking rules, and get to know your friends better with cards like “I Never…” or “Extreme Personal Questions.”  Follow rules like “Drink whenever you think about yourself” or play classic games like “Red Light, Green Light,” now with a fun drinking twist. 

There are even several “Invent Your Own” cards in the deck where when the Drunk Asshole draws one, they get to make up a rule or contest so get creative and push those friendship boundaries!  Play with rules that add fun twists to gameplay and carry drink penalties for those who break them. 

Drunk Asshole Says… is the drinking game where being the asshole is part of the fun!  Remember to drink responsibly. 


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