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Bathmate Hydromax 5 - Penis Pump


UPC: 5060740209243

The Hydromax 5 is the next stage of the hydro pump evolution. Developing the innovative Bathmate, this new penis pump and valve give 35% more power than the Hydro7 with more safety and comfort.

The Bathmate pump is manufactured using 'state of the art' dermatologically tested materials that are skin safe, latex free and phthalate free. The Hydromax5 is perfectly designed for a penis size of 5-7" when erect. 

To use the penis pump, simply release the valve in the end and pump once to create a seal between the Bathmate and your groin. Slowly continue pumping to increase the pressure until water stops escaping from the end - this indicates maximum pressure has been achieved. Hold for 5-6 minutes and release.

The Bathmate penis pump comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.