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Bathmate Gladiator Power Ring - Black


Key Features:

  • Durable Cock Ring
  • Smooth Circular Design
  • Inner Stimulating Nubs
  • Super Stretchy
  • Body-Safe Elastomex™ TPR and TPE Blend
  • Phthalate Free
  • Enhances Erections



  • Outer Diameter:2 in.
  • Inner Diameter:0.75 in.



Feel like a total bedroom warrior with the Bathmate Power Ring Gladiator cock ring!

This durable yet flexible cock ring from Bathmate will enhance your erections for even better sex and can be used along with a penis pump, to keep you at peak performance. The Elastomex™ material is soft, stretchy and safe for your body.  It’s super easy to clean too!  Feel the difference a cock ring can make!

The Gladiator Cock ring features a totally smooth circular design with stimulating nubs on the inner opening. The three nubs are set in a triangle pattern, providing pressure to stimulate your nerves.  You can rotate the ring and shift where those pressure points are, giving you a customized experience.  This ring is designed to give you a comfortable squeeze that helps restrict blood flow, meaning your erection can last longer and feel harder.  Use a water based lubricant when slipping on the cock ring for the most comfortable experience and remember to wash it with a toy cleaner before and after every use. 

Embrace your inner Gladiator with this cock ring from Bathmate!


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