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New Autoblow® A.I.+ Blowjob Machine

SKU: 4481

UPC: 704751344818


Key Features:

  • Automated Masturbator
  • Upgrade from the Autoblow® AI
  • Interchangeable Sleeve System
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • 25+ Blowjob Experiences
  • All Steel Leadscrew System
  • Adjustable Penis Gripper
  • Easy Pause and Resume Function
  • Easy-Press Button Controls
  • Not Distractingly Loud
  • Plug In, No Batteries Required
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for Voice Control, Additional Downloads, Remote Control
  • 100% Silicone Sleeve
  • Easy to Clean



  • Length: 10 in. (with Sleeve Inserted)
  • Width: 6.5 in.


The world’s best blowjob machine just got better! Experience unlimited blowjobs using human techniques generated by AI with the Autoblow® AI+ Blowjob Machine, the upgraded version of the Autoblow® AI!

The next level of AI blowjob technology has arrived!  The Autoblow® AI+ delivers incredible stimulation that will both surprise and delight you.  The onboard A.I. system used machine learning to analyze over 1000 hours of blowjob movements and incorporates all of them into over 25+ included experiences.

The Autoblow® AI+ uses a redesigned heavy duty all metal motor that is 50% quieter than the Autoblow® 2 but is also 3 times more powerful!  It connects easily to the internet through Wi-Fi which lets you download new blowjob functions, control the Autoblow® AI+ with a remote, and even your voice!  Because it easily plugs into any electrical outlet (110v-240v) and doesn’t need batteries, you won’t have to worry about it stopping before you finish!  For extra teasing and endless edging, use the 

pause button to quickly put a hold on the proceedings, and then pick right up where you left off with a second press.

The internal penis gripper is easily adjustable so you can customize your sensations.  Get that perfect squeeze with the simple turn of a screwdriver.  The Autoblow® AI+ comes with one silicone mouth-shaped-opening sleeve and is interchangeable with other Autoblow® sleeves.  Cleaning them is a breeze!  Just remove the sleeve, wash it with soap and water or a toy cleaner, and apply renewal powder to keep it feeling its best.  Make sure to always use a water-based lubricant with the Autoblow® AI+. 

Sit back, relax and let the Autoblow® AI+ take care of all your blowjob needs! 


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