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Adore U

Adore U Wellness Kegel Balls

SKU: 502000

UPC: 688504005143

Using the Kegel exercisers of Floravi is the easiest and most effective way to train the pelvic floor muscles, because they are constantly asked to hold the balls inside the vagina. This set of kegel balls is hypoallergenic and made of body safe silicone. 

The possible benefits of training with Kegel exercisers of Floravi:
• Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles;
• Prevention or cure of incontinence due to efforts;
• Delicate vaginal stimulation due to the weight they contain;
• Improvement of vaginal elasticity;
• Possibility to have better orgasms by increasing sensations during intimate relations;
• Increased libido.

How It Works
The set included 4 balls of 3 different weights that can be interchanged by using the silicone girdle. Begin with the lighter balls (30gms) and gradually increase the intensity to 40 & 50gms. 

Purple beads (30g ea.): Ideal for beginners or women whose pelvic muscles have less tone.

Pink beads (40g ea.): Ideal for women who are already familiar with Kegel exercises or those who have medium pelvic muscles tone.

Fuchsia beads (50g ea.): Ideal for women already practicing Kegel exercises or those who have good pelvic muscles tone.

How To Use
At first, you can wear them thirty minutes a day, just to get used to their presence. But if you are immediately at ease, do not hesitate to wear them for several hours at a rate of four days a week. Remember that it is by regularly exercising your muscles that you will be able to see the results.

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