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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk® - Secrets - Display Stand with 3 Testers

SKU: 5274

UPC: 677613052742

Key Features:

  • Display Stand for Pillow Talk® Secrets
  • Comes with Pillow Talk® Secrets Tester
  • Sturdy Plastic
  • Graphic Back Board
  • Slat Wall Hardware Compatible


  • Length: 7 5/8th
  • Width: 4.5 in. (at widest point on base)
  • Height: 9 5/8th (to highest point of the Graphic Back Board)

Box Contents:

  • Display Base with Testers
  • 3 x USB Charging Cords
  • Parts Bag
  • Graphic Back Board


This beautifully stunning display is not only eye catching and gorgeous with its rose gold-plated back board, but it will also help bring your customers that much closer to purchasing one of these three elegant Pillow Talk Secrets personal massagers.

The sturdy stand is the perfect size for table, counter displays or the slat wall with its anchored attachments already built in and features a anti theft protection holder that the Pillow Talk Secrets testers fit perfectly into.

The colour scheme matches the Pillow Talk Secrets tester, and the backing sign looks classy and elegant to really catch every customer’s eye.  Each display comes with a Pillow Talk® Secrets testers.

This display stand with 3 testers is free with the purchase of 2 pieces of each of the Pillow Talk® Secrets units (27411 Pleasure, 27514 Playful & 27624 Passion). 

Please note that Testers, Demo Products, Displays, and Product Samples are a privilege and not a right.  There is a limit on these items of 1 per store as a one-time offer on the initial purchase order. 

A minimum of 2 pieces of each of the corresponding SKUs must be purchased to receive* a free Tester, Demo Product, Display, or Product Sample. 

Should the Tester, Demo Product, Display or Product Sample break or cease to function or is stolen, we may not be able to replace it.  

*Subject to availability while supplies last.



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