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The New Kama Sutra

SKU: 0175

UPC: 9781847327390

The Original Kama Sutra was the most Influential Sex Manual the World has Ever Seen!
A Peerless guide to the pleasures of the flesh, it was written by the Hindu teacher Vatsyayana, a great sage who taught that intercourse was a divine union of equals - a joining of sexual minds as well as a physical fusion of bodies. His aim, to tap into the wellspring of sexual energy that lies in all of us, is a mission many couples today are keen to follow. In The New Kama Sutra, through words and specially commissioned photography, Vatsyayana's discoveries are reinterpreted for a new generation. In these pages you'll find a sumptuous banquet of sexual treats, including:
~ Secret pleasure zones of the body and hidden paths to stimulate the sexual mind
~ The art of romance and how to attract a lover
~ Wicked ways to arouse your partner by hand and mouth
~ Sex positions that help you reach even greater peaks of passion
~ Techniques to take sex to the edge, through fantasy and erotic games, and the thrill of adventurous sex.