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My Sexy

My Sexy Mailbox - Sexy Invitations

SKU: 6942

UPC: 685634101509

This cute and creative mini-mailbox helps you send love and sexy invites to your partner. My Sexy Mailbox captures your secret desires and gets the sexual adventures started. Simply fill out the card you want to share, drop in your personal mailbox, raise the flag, and let the fun begin. The mailbox comes with 13 unique invitations and red linen envelopes.

We suggest giving one envelope the first time with the mailbox. Let them know that each time after that they see the flag up, they'll have love inside!

- 1 Mailbox (4.5 x 3.75 x 6.25 in), 
- 13 Unique Invitations (3.5 x 5 in)
- 13 Red Envelopes

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