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Kama Sutra 365 - Sexual Positions Book

SKU: 01253

Kama Sutra 365

Kama Sutra 365 is the book for learning all about lovemaking, from grooming and kissing to positions using the Kama Sutra and more. It is filled with pictures of loving couples in the positions with quotes from the original books and how to do it. The chapters you will find: Grooming and massage, Embraces, Passion builders, Kissing and caressing, Congress of the mouth, the Kama Sutra, The Ananga Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, the Tao, Conclusions to love.

The history taken from the Kama Sutra 365 on the Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga, Perfumed Garden, and Tao lovemaking forms.

Kama Sutra
"The Kama Sutra was written in ancient India by Vatsyayana Malanaga. He reveals not only the best positions in which to have sex, but also how to embrace, kiss, and even bite. He describes how a room should be prepared for lovemaking and the etiquette two lovers should employ."

The Ananga Ranga
“This was written in 15th-century India by Kalyana Malla. Unlike the Kama Sutra, which was intended for all lovers, the Ananga Ranga speaks directly to husbands and wives. Its core message is to keep sex varied and adventurous so that husband and wife aren’t tempted to stray into ‘polygamy, adultery, and ever other manner of vice.’”

The Perfumed Garden
Written by Sheikh Nefzawi in 16th-century Tunis, this Arabic love manual tells lovers not just how to make love – and in what position – but also what desirable features to seek in the genitals of the opposite sex.”

The Tao
This is a collection of Taoist writings from ancient China. The Taoist view of sex is that it’s essential for good health, bringing mental, physical, and even spiritual well-being. This is because when you have sex, your yin (female energy) and yang (male energy) become harmonized.”


Type: Couples, Books and Music
Product Code: 01253
Special Features: Four ancient lovemaking texts combined in one book

Book Dimensions: 6.5" l x 5.5" w x 1" d